Tuesday, June 17, 2008

GORE (avant garde/prog noise 1986-1996)

About 20 years ago this Venlo based trio left a considerable impression on the progressive music press in their native country Holland. But I guess a few years later people gave up on them. That might be the reason why very little information about the band is available on the web. Nevertheless, their music still deserves some attention.

How would one even begin to describe the sound of GORE? I would say: the ideal horror soundtrack – heavy and grim – driven by monolithic guitars, bass and drums... Yet at times quite complex (the
unique time signatures of their music found favour with the proto-math rock scene in the USA). Some claim that GORE's sound would have influenced bands like Melvins, Helmet and Godflesh.

Gore broke up in '88 but were resurrected in 1992. Further albums Lifelong Deadline (1992) and Mest/694'3" (1996) followed but apparently couldn’t hold a candle to Gore’s 80s output.

For those who want to check out the band's unique music, I've located links to some of GORE's early albums: Hart Gore (1986), Mean Man's Dream (1987),
Gore Live (1987) and Wrede (A Cruel Peace) (1988). The first three are vinyl rips.
Although the music is exclusively instrumental, GORE's first three albums all contained lyric sheets – meant to add a horrorshow element to the music and make it all the more ominous and hardcore. However, these lyric sheets are not included in the links.
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